Sunday, December 18, 2011

The Red Grasshawk Dragonfly (Neurothemis fluctuans)

This photo was taken in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia. I found this beautiful red grasshawk dragonfly (Neurothemis fluctuans) while it is resting on a small twig in my backyard. This is the male  one. The female of this species that can be found around here has a different color. Even it is beautiful, the dragonfly actually is a predatory insect that eats other smaller insects as its food such as mosquito, bee, wasp and ant. The dragonfly has the perfect ability in flying that inspired engineer to design air crafts based on its body structure and wings.

Scientific classification: 
Phylum : Arthropoda
Subphylum :  Hexapoda
Class : Insecta
Subclass : Pterygota
Infraclass :  Palaeoptera
Order : Odonata
Suborder : Anisoptera
Family :  Libellulidae
Genus : Neurothemis
Species : N.Fluctuans
Binomial name :  Neurothemis Fluctuans

EXIF data: Focal length: 300mm, F/8, 1/500sec, ISO-1600

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