Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Golden Beetle (Chiridopsis scalaris)

Photos in this post wer taken in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia. This tortoise beetle is from the family of Chrysomelidae under genus of Chiridopsis. The species name is Chiridopsis scalaris (Weber,1801).

This tortoise beetle has a very beautiful coloration. It has orange head and thorax covered with hard clear shell. The elytra has black background color with patterned golden marks over it. The size of the beetle was around 5-7 mm.

Scientific Classification:
Kingdom: Animalia
Phylum: Arthropoda
Subphylum: Mandibulata
Infraphylum: Atelocerata
Superclass: Panhexapoda
Epiclass: Hexapoda
Class: Insecta
Subclass: Dicondylia
Infraclass: Pterygota
Order: Coleoptera
Suborder: Polyphaga
Infraorder: Cucujiformia
Superfamily: Chrysomeloidea
Family: Chrysomelidae
Genus: Chiridopsis
Specific name: scalaris - (Weber,1801)
Scientific name: - Chiridopsis scalaris (Weber,1801)

Pic1. : Camera: Canon EOS 1100D, Focal length: 300mm, F-stop:f/5.6, Exposure time:1/400 sec, ISO 400
Pic2. : Camera: Canon EOS 1100D, Focal length: 300mm, F-stop:f/8, Exposure time:1/640 sec, ISO 1250


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