Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Amorphophallus titanum in full blooms today in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia

A plant with the largest unbranched inflorescence which also the smelliest flower in the world, Amorphophallus titanum, is in full blooms today February 22, 2012 in Kepahyang regency, Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia. All photos in this post shows the remarkable and the beauty of this flower in today's blooms. The inflorescens height of this giant flower is 2.15 m high. According to the grower, Mr. Holidin, it took about 2 months for this flower to grow from its emerging flower until full blooms today.

Amorphophallus titanum or in Indonesia called Bunga Bangkai or corpse flower. It is a tuberous plant endemic to western part of Sumatra. In Bengkulu, the habitat of this flower, is situated at Kepahyang regency in the Sumatra rain forest where many of very large blooms often encountered.

In Kepahiyang regency, there is one family who the botanists should address their thanks for dedicating their life in keeping the exsitence of two kind of giant flower found in Bengkulu from extinction. It is the Holidin's brothers whom his name easily can be traced through the internet as the guard of Rafflesia arnoldii flower and also the grower of Amorphophallus titanum in Bengkulu Indonesia. He and his brothers not only keep the habitat of Rafflesia arnoldii in the rain forest of Bengkulu safe so that we can see it when its blooms, but also sacrificing their father farm to breed Amorphophallus Titanum as well.

Today's blooms is one of 47 plants those he had grown in an area of 3 hectare. He also had grown the host plant for Rafflesia arnoldii in his effort to breed this flower too. This photo below is the photo of Holidin and his flower in today's blooms.

Holidin and his Amorphophallus titanum today

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