Thursday, February 9, 2012

Common Mormon Butterfly (Papilio polytes) Sumatra Indonesia

Papipio polytes female

All photos in this post were taken in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia. The above photo is the picture of one kind of Common Mormon Butterfly (Papilio polytes) female. The female of this kind of black body swallow tail butterfly has been known to have the  polymorphic . It sometimes can be seen resembling the red body swallow tail butterfly such as common rose or crimson rose butterfly.

From Wikipedia, it states that there are three forms or morphs of this female can be found, those are:
Form cyrus: This form is similar to the male, differing in that it always has strongly marked red crescents.
Form stichius: This female form of the Common Mormon mimics the Common Rose very closely.
Form romulus : This female form mimics the Crimson Rose and is common over its range.

Photos above show the male of Papilio polytes butterfly. This swallow tail butterfly has the same characteristic of its body to its female. The thorax and abdomen is black with some white spot. The upper side of body is black. The fore wing has some big white spots at the margin decreasing in size towards the apex.

From the description of  the polymorphic of this butterfly, it is usual to see the mating of this male to any different forms of its female. But, when i see this picture below, it made me surprise. It turns out that the female can also be found in the exactly same form of its male without any red crescent marks !. I did not see the red crescents on both butterfly when i took this photo. So, if it mentioned that the female must always has the red crescent marks when it in cyrus form, then the mating picture below is exhibiting the homosexual habit of this butterfly.

Scientific classification
Species:P. polytes
Binomial name
Papilio polytes
Linnaeus, 1758


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