Friday, February 3, 2012

Katydids (Conocephalus melas) in Sumatra Indonesia

Those photos above were taken in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia.  This is the nymph of Conocephalus melas from the family of Tettigoniidae under genus of Conocephalus. This insect is resemble to grasshopper at a glance, but when we compare the antennae, it cannot comparable. This insect has a very long antennae. With body size of about 10mm the antennae could reach more than 40mm, that is more than four times its body length. Maybe we can say that this is the animal with the longest antennae, can we?. 
The nymph of Conocephalus melas above has orange color at the upper side its body and black color at upper side of abdomen. The legs also colored black with white band at the thigh of its jumping legs. 
About the species name, we can see that there is a little variation in it. Wikipedia write down the species name as Conocephalus melanus, while several website (unfortunately most of them non official for entomologist) call it as Conocephalus melas. Because  the words Conocephalus melas is used commonly over the internet, so i chose to use this name too for this species in this post.

Scientific Classification:
Species:C. melas
Binomial name
Conocephalus melas
(Haan, 1842)


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