Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Trunk Borer Beetle (Rhytidodera simulans), Sumatra Indonesia

Photos in this post were taken in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia. This beetle is  trunk borer beetle (Rhytidodera simulans). It is from the family of Cerambycidae

This beetle has dark brown back ground color of its upper side of body and tawny color at the under side of body. At the elytra it is covered with tawny transversely patterned pubescence. The eye is black with half part of the eye surrounded the base of antennae. The body length without antennae is about 30mm. This beetle is known to be a pest for mango tree plant.

Scientific Classification:
Phylum : Arthropoda - Arthropods
Class : Insecta - Insects
Order : Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder : Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Longhorn, Leaf and Snout Beetles
Superfamily : Chrysomeloidea - Long-horned and Leaf Beetles
Family : Cerambycidae - Longhorned Beetles
Sub Family : Cerambycinae
Genus : Rhytidodera
Species : R.simulans
Binomial name : Rhytidodera simulans (White, 1853)


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