Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Surinam Cockroach (Pycnoscelus surinamensis), Sumatra Indonesia

Photos in this post were taken in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia. This is the Surinam cockroach. It is from the family of Blaberidae under genus of Pycnoscelus. The species name is Pycnoscelus surinamensis (Surinam Cockroach)

This cockroach  has brown wings which entirely cover the abdomen: The pronotum is dark brown with a narrow pale white band at the front edge of pronotum. The size is about 20mm

Kingdom : Animalia (Animals)
Phylum : Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Class : Insecta (Insects)
Order : Blattodea (Cockroaches and Termites)
Superfamily : Blaberoidea
Family : Blaberidae
Genus : Pycnoscelus
Species : P.surinamensis (Surinam Cockroach)
Binomial name : Pycnoscelus surinamensis


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