Sunday, June 3, 2012

Brown Huntsman Spider (Heteropoda venatoria), Sumatra Indonesia

Photos in this post were taken in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia. This spider is from the family of Sparassidae under genus of Heteropoda. The scientific name for this species is Heteropoda venatoria  (Latreille, 1802)

This spider is commonly called the brown huntsman spider. This spider's family also known as the giant crab spiders, due to their size and appearance. As with all spiders, they use venom to demobilise or digest prey, but they are not deadly to healthy humans. They do bite if provoked, but the victim will suffer only minor swelling and localised pain, and will recover in a day or two. 

Many huntsman spiders are dull shades of brown or grey. As adults, huntsman spiders do not build webs, but hunt and forage for food: In general, huntsman spiders are not regarded as dangerous, and can be considered beneficial because they feed on insects (cockroaches are a favorite). 

Kingdom : Animalia (Animals)
Phylum : Arthropoda (Arthropods)
Class : Arachnida (Arachnids)
Order : Araneae (Spiders)
Infraorder : Araneomorphae (True Spiders)
No Taxon : (Entelegynes )
Family : Sparassidae (Giant Crab Spiders)
Genus : Heteropoda
Species name : H.venatoria
Binomial name : Heteropoda venatoria  (Latreille, 1802)