Sunday, June 10, 2012

Derbid Planthopper (Proutista moesta), Sumatra Indonesia

Photos in this post were taken in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia. This derbid planthopper is from the family of Derbidae under genus of Proutista .

Photos above are really how this bug is when it at rest position. It rest under the leaf upside down with the wings straight up. This bug has dark grey color of body and wings. The wings have several transparrent patches. This bug is suspected of transmitting phytoplasma diseases of palms. The size is about 5mm.

Kingdom : Animalia - Animals
Phylum : Arthropoda - Arthropods
Class : Insecta - Insects
Order : Hemiptera - True Bugs, Cicadas, Hoppers, Aphids and Allies
Suborder : Auchenorrhyncha - Free-living Hemipterans
Superfamily : Fulgoroidea - Planthoppers
Family : Derbidae - Derbid Planthoppers
Genus: Proutista
Specific name : P.moesta - (Westwood, 1851)
Scientific name : Proutista moesta (Westwood, 1851)

References: (Taxon)

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