Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Spotless Lady Beetle (Cycloneda sp.)

Photos in this post were taken in Bengkulu Sumatra Indonesia. This lady beetle is from the family of Coccinellidae under genus of Cycloneda.

This lady beetle has orange color of its elytra. There is a narrow black border between the elytra.  It doesn't have any black spots over its elytra. The size is about 4mm.

Phylum : Arthropoda - Arthropods
Class : Insecta - Insects
Order : Coleoptera - Beetles
Suborder : Polyphaga - Water, Rove, Scarab, Longhorn, Leaf and Snout Beetles
Superfamily : Cucujoidea
Family : Coccinellidae - Lady Beetles
Subfamily : Coccinellinae
Genus : Cycloneda - Spotless Lady Beetles

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